Eight Great things about Plywood

Plywood began to be used in the 20th century, for the very first time. It was for a long time was viewed as an alternative to solid wood. However, it has become one of the best choices for homeowners and builders. In this article, we're going to look at the top 8 advantages of the product. Check it out.

1. It looks Great

Even if we discuss the outward appearance, plywood looks stunning. The majority of plywood panels appear like real wood. As a matter of fact If you choose to use a high quality veneer, it will look superior to real wood.

2. It is Strong

There is no difference of opinion on the fact that solid wood is a source of strength. Plywood is even stronger. It doesn't have many of the problems that are associated with solid wood.

Since it has the cross-grained character, it can spread its strength evenly over the whole panel. However, solid wood is stronger in the direction of its grain. If you make use of the phenolic adhesives or veneers, plywood will become stronger.

3. It is Durable

As mentioned earlier, plywood features uniform strength across the entire panel, regardless of its direction. Apart from good quality veneers and adhesives, plywood can withstand sharp blows and various types of abuse in service.

4. It is Lightweight

When it comes to weight concerned the plywood is lighter than the natural wood. This is why it's an ideal choice for making furniture. On the other hand wood chunks that are solid weigh a lot more and are not suitable for commercial uses.

5. wood mouldings It Comes in Different Sizes

You can find it in various sizes. What if you could use just one piece of wood to create furniture? That's not possible. This is where the standard plywood sheets come in. The length and width of these sheets is 1800mm and 1200mm respectively. Therefore, they are a much better choice.

6. It Offers better Coverage

Since you can find plywood of various sizes and shapes, it gives you the benefit of a greater square foot coverage. In other words, one regular sheet can be enough to cover a specific area, and there will be no uneven ends or gaps. Additionally there will be a minimal loss.

7. It's not a split.

Another major drawback for solid wood is the tendency to split up across the grain. It happens most often when you put a nail or screw through the wood. On the other hand, plywood doesn't have this problem since it is the cross-layered design.

8. Ideal Choice for Curved Surfaces

If you attempt to create a curved surface with a piece of wooden material, it could end up with an rough or uneven surface. On the other hand plywood provides an ideal suitable surface for any curve due to its smoothness. We all know that furniture will be useless in the event of uneven and rough surfaces.

In short, with the many advantages of plywood, you can declare it a superior choice for any project that requires the use of wooden material. This is why you should to give it a go right now.

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